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Cleveland Cerebral Palsy Attorneys

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Cleveland Cerebral Palsy Lawyers Representing Families Over the Last Two Decades

If your child in Ohio has cerebral palsy due to an injury suffered at birth, Anderson Law Offices, LLC, can help you seek compensation. As a parent of a baby injured at birth, you may find yourself confused. This is understandable: Obstetricians, doctors and nurses are held to high standards because negligence can lead to lifelong harms and losses, yet avoidable birth injuries occur regularly.

If you have questions or concerns about the way that the birth of your child was handled, contact our firm. Firm attorneys Benjamin Houston Anderson and Donna Taylor-Kolis have handled hundreds of medical malpractice lawsuits in over 60 years of combined legal experience.

For experienced legal help in Ohio following cerebral palsy birth harms and losses, contact Anderson Law Offices, LLC, by calling 216-589-0256 or 888-589-0256.

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a condition characterized by a lack of control over muscle movements due to abnormalities in the brain. There are several types of cerebral palsy, including spastic cerebral palsy, athetoid cerebral palsy and ataxic cerebral palsy. Common indications of cerebral palsy are:

  • Lack of muscle coordination for voluntary movements (ataxia)
  • Stiff or tight muscles and spastic movements
  • Dragging a leg or foot while walking
  • Walking on toes
  • Abnormal gait

Common causes of cerebral palsy at birth include failure to carry out a cesarean section and excessive force during a vacuum extraction. If you believe that a physician or other medical care provider is responsible for your child's birth injury, contact Anderson Law Office, LLC. We are dedicated to obtaining the compensation that you deserve, so that your child can receive all of the necessary treatment and care for living a better life.

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We offer a free initial consultation to all prospective clients and are available for weekend and evening appointments by prior arrangement. To learn how we can work to obtain a successful resolution to your specific case, contact a Cleveland birth injury attorney by calling 216-589-0256 or 888-589-0256.

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