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Deadly Little Pill: Yaz May Increase Risk of Blood Clots, Gall Bladder Damage

Pharmaceutical company Bayer has attempted to refute the findings of three recent studies by American, British and Canadian researchers on its name brand birth control pill Yaz and related contraceptives. The three studies separately examined the higher risks that Yaz uers have for blood clots or the inflated risks for gall bladder disease for the same users of the mass market oral contraceptive.

According to the studies, the dangers associated with Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella and other related brands come from one of its ingredients: drospirenone. But some consumer advocates say that Bayer will be slow to act or change its formula for Yaz as drugmakers notified of other dangerous risks associated with their contraceptives have usually dragged out changes. The Food and Drug Administration, the agency responsible for maintaining the safety of drugs, medical devices and foods in the United States, has also delayed action in similar cases.

Birth Control Users Who Were Harmed or Died May Have Right to Damages

Thousands of Yaz users who were the victims of strokes and blood clots and the family members of over 190 Yaz users who died have already sued Bayer demanding compensation for their personal injuries. Plaintiffs in Yaz lawsuits have alleged that the unique ingredient used in Yaz and related birth control pills - drospirenone - causes elevated levels of blood potassium. These elevated levels cause hyperkalemia, a condition that interrupts the rhythms of the heart, slowing blood flow, and potentially leading to development of a fatal blood clot.

Younger women taking Yaz, Beyaz, Natazia and other birth control formulas containing drospirenone may never suspect they are at higher risk for a stroke, heart attack, gall bladder damage or other serious complications. Yaz users who suffer symptoms of a blood developing in the heart, such as pain in the arms, back, jaw or shortness of breath should take these warnings seriously and seek medical attention immediately.

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